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Preparation of the adjacent  components

The inspection of the adjacent components (housing and shafts) should, in addition to the dimensional and geometrical accuracies, also include the surface roughness of the bearing locations. In the case of tapered locations, the roundness, taper angle and straightness of the taper surface outline must also be checked.

Any intermediate rings and precision locknuts used must be checked for parallelism, absence of burrs and damage. Only flawless mounting parts guarantee the proper functioning of the high-precision rolling bearing. In the case of series

assembly for applications in the upper speed range, it makes sense to divide the tolerances of the housings and the shafts into two or three groups.

In this way, allocation of these groups to the rolling bearing grades can be simplified in order to achieve the same fit interference or clearance as far as possible during assembly.

Detailed information on the grades of IBC High Precision Rolling Bearings can be found in catalogue IBC High Precision Rolling Bearings TI-I-5050.0 / D, in chapter 4 (Tolerances).