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Longer service life | Higher speeds | Better running properties

By optimizing design, materials and production processes, it has been possible to achieve a significant improvement in service life, functional reliability, load capacity and running properties, while at the same time reducing friction and thus lowering heat generation. Furthermore, higher dynamic load ratings characterize the products.

The product range of IBC Wälzlager includes different and innovative solution principles to ensure a safe non-locating bearing, support bearing and locating bearing function.

One solution are cylindrical roller bearings. IBC manufactures cylindrical roller bearings in different designs, dimensional series and sizes, whereby the single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage represent the predominant part of the range. The characteristic of the designs N and NU to support high radial forces and to allow axial displacements makes them ideal for floating bearing arrangements, as they are used for example in pumps and compressors. Types NUP, NJ and HJ are used as locating bearings.

Diverse solutions are required to meet the many different technical applications in mechanical engineering. The increasingly precise design of machine elements is imperative for economic reasons. Only a comprehensive range of angular contact ball bearings can meet the requirements for high speeds, load carrying capacity, precise running accuracy, rigidity and combined radial and axial loads with low heat generation and friction.

In addition to radial forces, single row 40° angular contact ball bearings can also support high axial forces in one direction and, in most applications, are preloaded against a second angular contact ball bearing. In universal design, they bear the suffixes UA, UB, UL or UO and are intended for mounting in sets in X, O or tandem arrangements but can also be used in any arrangement. There are numerous applications, including gearboxes, geared motors, blowers, fans, pumps, textile and printing machines with combined radial and axial loads, where it is necessary to achieve zero-play shaft guidance.

The IBC product range offers comprehensive solutions for easy-to-assemble, low-friction bearing arrangements for ball screws.

In addition to single row 60° axial angular contact ball bearings of series BS as single bearings or in bearing sets, IBC manufactures double row 60° axial angular contact ball bearings of series BSD for installation in housings and series BSDF in flanged design.

Single row 60° axial angular contact ball bearings of series BS support combined loads in predominantly axial direction on one side. The large contact angle allows high axial loads with extreme axial rigidity. For universally ground bearings, the arrangement is very flexible. They can be used individually or as factory-assembled bearing sets in any set arrangement. As bearing sets, they have an overlapping Vee marking on the outer rings of the entire bearing set.