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IBC High precision angular contact ball bearings

IBC high precision angular contact ball bearings meet the highest requirements in the areas of reliability, rigidity, speed, suitability, running accuracy and vibration behavior in given space conditions. This performance requires different bearing series in several designs and sizes with different design features to achieve the performance increase while reducing the cost of the rolling bearing. The large number of types available allows the optimal combination of technology and economy.

The standard design of high precision angular contact ball bearings is manufactured in designs 18, 19, 10, 02 and 03. The heavy series 02 and 03 are specifically designed for high load capacity and rigidity.

The H design is manufactured in series 19 and 10. Due to the comparatively small diameter of the rolling elements, the internal design is geared to high speeds.

The HM design combines the advantages of the other two versions. It achieves almost as high speeds as the H version and at the same time has load ratings that are only slightly below the standard version. The high speed increase is made possible by an optimized internal design. In addition to the slightly reduced rolling element diameter compared to the standard design, the HM design has a more open raceway curvature, which ensures less friction and thus lower heat generation in the rolling bearing. The high precision of the components, especially  the raceways, also reduces the running noise in the operating condition.

IBC has adapted the internal design of the high precision angular contact ball bearings to the diverse requirements in machine tool construction and offers high precision angular contact ball bearings with contact angles of 15° and 25° or 30° as standard, in the high speed design H with 18°. The different contact angles meet

individual requirements for combined loads, regarding stiffness and speed behavior. Furthermore, IBC manufactures precision angular contact ball bearings with contact angles of 35°, 40° and 60°.

Hybrid rolling bearings, the combination of steel rings with ceramic rolling elements, are not only used in high-speed applications, they also impress with their reliability and extended grease operating life. The harder and at the same time lighter ceramic rolling elements reduce the frictional behavior and reduce the lubricant load through improved rolling conditions - even in unfavorable lubrication conditions.

The constantly increasing demand for grease-lubricated high-precision angular contact ball bearings has led to the addition of sealed and ready-to-use greased types to the range. Factory greasing with the optimum grease in the correct quantity has a positive effect on bearing life and thus also on machine service life. Factory greased IBC high precision rolling bearings are ready for installation and immediately ready for operation after a grease distribution run.

The optional sealing on one or both sides with non-abrasive sealing washers (2RSZ), which do not restrict the suitability for high speeds, give the sealed high precision angular contact ball bearings  the ideal protection against contamination and air flows. In addition, the seals act to retain the grease for vertical or swiveling spindles.

If grease lubrication reaches its limits, open rolling bearings can be supplied with oil or oil-air mixture laterally via intermediate rings. IBC high precision angular contact ball bearings with outer ring lubrication, which do not require any additional components in the rolling bearing environment, offer a possible solution for this. They bear the suffix S and have a circumferential ring groove and radial feed holes for direct lubrication. O-rings integrated in the outer rings provide a seal in the housing.